How to make Chrome or Firefox as your default browser in Windows 10

If you upgraded your Windows to 10 or bought a new PC with the installed Win 10, you’ll notice: Edge – the default browser. Perhaps it is not fair to other developers of browsers, but it’s better to leave this debate to the developers themselves. OK, your standard browser – is the one that opens when you click a link in your e-mail or messenger, so selection of the right standard browser – this is very important. The standard can make any browser, but in Win 10 to make it not as easy as in Win 7 \ 8 \ 8.1.

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Edge vs. Chrome vs. Firefox: Battle of the Windows 10 Browsers

Though millions of people use Internet Explorer, it lost a part of the audience because competitors Chrome and Firefox. And now, with Windows 10, Microsoft launched a new browser. He has to get ahead of their rivals, but can he do it? I tested Chrome, Firefox and Edge, in order to understand which one is better and faster.

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Microsoft Edge versus other browsers

Many of the features available on the Edge-competitor browsers like Chrome or Firefox, but they should be included or download individual extensions. This is inconvenient, so in relation to extensions Edge is superior to other browsers.
Nevertheless, it is still worse than the competition. There are thousands of extensions, made for Chrome or Mozilla, but not all are available for Edge. These extensions allow you to make the page even more “cleaner” and easier to use, but Edge does not allow it to do at the moment. It’s a pity.
Microsoft has said that it will add support for extensions in fall 2015, which will let you add extra features to Edge and bring it up to speed with Chrome and Firefox. For now, we’re left waiting for Edge to add that and other desired features you can easily get on other browsers.
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The Edge for Edge

Microsoft’s Edge is better than Internet Explorer, but is it ideal for the new Windows 10? No. Yet.
Edge is much better than Internet Explorer: it is not so slow and so much better for web-surfing. But can it beat Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome?
Maybe. Edge is the replacement of Internet Explorer – the browser, originally built in the Microsoft Windows OS. It does not need a separate download from the Internet, so they at least someone enjoyed. If Internet Explorer is not included in the Windows – probably, he would not be popular. Internet Explorer has become famous as a horrible, slow browser. This glory is so great that Microsoft employees did not remake it even: they made absolutely new product – better than IE. At least they think so.

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